Advantages of Becoming an Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologist is an important person in a surgical team. One of the first and foremost duties of an anesthesiologist is to administer an anesthetic to a person undergoing a surgical treatment. Whether it’s a local or general anesthesia that is to be injected, it requires a great knowledge, sophistication and relevant experience. In medical parlance, an anesthesia is a mix of medicines which stop the messages from patient’s nerves being considered by the brain. What anesthesiologists do is basically slow down the patient’s body system to near-death level. Obviously, the career of the anesthesiologist involves a serious training and a great deal of practice before taking the responsibilities of this kind. To become an anesthesiologist one must get a top level degree of M.D.( Doctor of Medicine) or D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). Anesthesiologists with a M.D. qualification are eligible to administer anesthetic during the operations, while D.O. specialize on holistic patients care, preventative medicine and musculoskeletal system.

The career of an anesthesiologist is not a piece of cake; therefore one must be prepared for taking care of the most responsible duties. The career of an anesthesiologist with M.D. qualification is mostly involved in various surgical treatments. This means that anesthesiologists are responsible for:

  • Making assessments of person’s response to anesthetic. This includes a thorough study of person’s medical history, identification of possible intolerance to certain medication and bad reaction to chemicals.
  • Monitoring patient’s condition during the operation. Making sure that the vital signs of a person are satisfactory, and if not, taking all necessary steps to bring the patient back to a normal functioning under the anesthesia.
  • Taking care of a patient during the post-surgery process, which is usually extremely painful and quite long in duration.

The career of an anesthesiologist with D.O. qualification involves quite different duties. Their responsibilities are related to the work outside the operating room, namely

  • Taking care of the patients in the Intensive Care Unit
  • Treating patients with severe chronic diseases
  • Being present during labor and delivery

Career of an anesthesiologist is an extremely demanding. It requires a strong sense of dedication and commitment of time and energy. Only a person with strong character will be able to pursue a career of an anesthesiologist. Majority of anesthesiologist work long hours and usually have an unsettled work schedule. The overall work load can reach 60 hours a week which is very exhausting. Therefore, being able to fight physical fatigue is one of the key abilities that the career of an anesthesiologist entails.

So are you ready to become an anesthesiologist? Is this career matches your personality? Read further to find more detailed information about the career of an anesthesiologist.

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