Education Steps to Become an Anesthesiologist

What would it take to become an anesthesiologist? Well, the road to pursuing this career is really long and challenging! Moreover, only hard-working and persistent people can benefit from it in the end. Are you ready to face all the difficulties? Then find out how to become an anesthesiologist right now! Here is step-by-step guide on anesthesiologist education.

Step 1. Undergraduate degree

Actually, you can pursue a Bachelor's degree in any field you like. There is no official pre-medical degree program required for medical school. Still, there is a number of courses you have to take during your undergraduate studying to be eligible for becoming an anesthesiologist. Concentrate on gaining valuable knowledge in biology, anatomy, physics, chemistry and math. In general, to pursue a Bachelor's degree you will need 4 years of academic studying.

Step 2. Doctor of Medicine

Before you can choose to become an anesthesiologist you have to graduate from a 4-year Doctoral program. This is a general degree in medicine that you should gain before deciding on the specialization. You can pursue this degree in one of 126 accredited medical schools in the US. Your curriculum will include pharmacology, neuroscience, behavioral science, biochemistry and many other subjects. In addition to theoretical courses your Doctoral degree program will include clinical practice. You will get a practical insight into different medical spheres working under the supervision of various health care specialists.

Step 3. Residency in Anesthesiology

After graduating from medical school you can actually start your anesthesiologist education. To become an anesthesiologist you will have to undergo a 4-year resident training. It includes one year of medical or surgical internship and 3 years of intensive anesthesiologist education. If you want to major in some specific field of anesthesiology you will have to study for one year more. Afterwards you will be able to become an anesthesiologist in pediatrics, neurology, critical care etc. It's up to you whether to choose a specialization or concentrate on the general anesthesiology.

Step 4. Certification

The certification of anesthesiologists actually includes several steps. The first step you should take right after the graduating from medical school. This is the US Medical and Licensing Examination (UMLE). After passing this exam you will be eligible for practicing medicine in the US. Still, to become an anesthesiologist you will have to take one more exam during your residency training. Oral and written test in anesthesiology is administered by the American Board of Anesthesiology. If you successfully pass this exam you will acquire a title Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Still, if you want to specialize in a particular subfield one more exam is required for you.

Well, becoming an anesthesiologist is not a piece of cake! However, it will definitely benefit for you in future. Interesting job and really attractive salaries are worth your efforts, don't you think so? Don't hesitate, evaluate your skills and professional goals and start looking for a medical school right now

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