Starting Salary of an Anesthesiologist

If you have a look at the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, of all medical occupations surgeons and anesthesiologists get the highest salaries. However, jobs that come with high salaries also come with high responsibilities, long working hours and job-related stress. If you’re ready to face these challenges on a daily basis, then welcome to the medical field! The profession of an anesthesiologist is proved to be one of the most lucrative in the U.S. If you’re planning to venture into this career field you may be curious to find out what is the starting salary of an anesthesiologist. Here is a brief analysis.

Evaluating Anesthesiologist Salary

Statistics show that an annual salary of an anesthesiologist is about $211,750 per year, or $101.80 per hour. However, these figures reflect a salary range of an experienced anesthesiologist. As in any other profession newcomers get much lower income. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for a beginner a good pay is $115,470 a year. Like in any other profession, an anesthesiologist salary grows gradually. As a matter of fact, a starting salary of an anesthesiologist tends to be lower than in subsequent years. It grows in line with experience. At the initial stage anesthesiologists work to improve their professional skills and knowledge, which eventually increase their earnings. With only a couple years of experience a starting salary of an anesthesiologist will double or even triple.

Top Industries

To get a competitive salary anesthesiologists find jobs in the top-paying industries for their occupation. A type of industry as well as work settings make a great influence on the anesthesiologist salary even at the beginner's level. According to the statistical sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale, the best industries for anesthesiologists are healthcare, hospital, medical services, general surgery and medical offices. On average, a person working in one of these settings makes around $138,303 - $292,660 a year. Since a beginner gets 55% from what an experienced anesthesiologist makes, then a starting salary of an anesthesiologist in these industries is anticipated to range from $90,222 to $121,555 per year.


The location of your practice also makes a great difference if you want to increase your earnings. The top-paying states in anesthesiology are California and New York. Since these states suffer from the lack of specialists in anesthesiology, this profession is in high demand here, and therefore, is paid better.

Starting salary of an anesthesiologist in these states reaches the level of $197,265 and $146,387 respectively.


Depending on the employment setting, anesthesiologists may get bonuses for providing high-quality care, working extra hours or producing outstanding achievements. Median bonus for the beginning anesthesiologist equals $7,000 per year. Those who have an experience of 1-4 years may get as much as $ 9,764.

High salary rates definitely encourage each ambitious student to become an anesthesiologist. If this profession matches your personality, then you will be lucky to work in the most lucrative field. Would you like to make good money? Then why don't you start looking for an anesthesiologist school near you!

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