What Exams are Required to Become an Anesthesiologist

The profession of anesthesiologists is quite difficult and requires a broad knowledge of medical disciplines. Not all of the students can get to the professional level that easy. To be eligible for medical school admission and state licensure each student must be thoroughly prepared. Those who fail to meet admission requirements will be required to take a re-training or advance knowledge by gaining more clinical experience. Students’ eligibility for medical school and licensure is typically defined through the exams. As a rule, they are administered by the state examination authorities and are taken when you pass the most important stages to become an anesthesiologist. These tests evaluate students’ educational achievements and give a proper assessment of their performance as they move up the academic ladder. Testing is proved to be very effective for maintaining high standards of services in U.S. healthcare. Read on to find out what exams a person must pass to become an anesthesiologist.

Medical School Eligibility Check

The first test is usually scheduled before undergraduate students enter a medical school. It’s known as an eligibility test or MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) which is aimed to check students’ readiness for medical school. In other words, it assesses students’ ability to comprehend and perceive scientific information and personal skills essential to become an anesthesiologist. Students who successfully pass this test and score well on it are permitted to enter a medical school and pursue a graduate degree to become an anesthesiologist. MCAT is one of the main challenges on your way to becoming an anesthesiologist, therefore you must work really hard to get high scores well at the exam.

Licensure Exam

The next test is required for getting a license to practice anesthesiology. This test is compiled and administered by the American Board of Anesthesiology and takes place at Pearson Vue Testing Centers located across the country. This exam is broken into two parts and usually is carried out each year in August.

Examination Part One

Examination part one is aimed to determine student’s knowledge in such disciplines as anatomy, pharmacology, anesthesia procedures, clinical sciences and anesthesia in obstetrics and pediatrics. The test itself consists of two sections lasting for 2 hours and 20 minutes each. Test takers must give answers to 250 multiple-choice questions.

Examination Part Two

Individuals who successfully complete the first part can apply for the Part Two Examination. This exam is aimed at evaluating your practical performance as well as communication skills. Examination Part Two takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina. Candidates get 2 clinical cases for which they will have to explain their actions to the examination board. The interview is 35 minutes in duration.

Specialty Certification

Anesthesiologists who take sub-specialty such as pain medicine, hospice and critical care will have to take an additional exam to be allowed to practice in these sub-specialties. This exam is aimed to check the basic and clinical science as well as subspecialties and ethics in anesthesiology.

These are the main exams on your way to become an anesthesiologist. If you require further information on how to become an anesthesiologist browse the other pages for more information.

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